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The Hydration Principle

You’ve heard it said that the human body depends on water for survival. It’s true: Humans can only survive 3-5 days without water—less when subjected to conditions of high heat. A single day without water significantly reduces bodily and mental performance. If … Continue reading

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Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses!?!

One key to success is “Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses”. The idea being to focus on what you do best and find strategic partners or hired help that excel in the areas of your weaknesses. I can tell you from … Continue reading

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Online e-Commerce Fraud Screening Tips for 2011

Recent reports indicate a slight drop in domestic online credit card fraud. In a conversation with my good friends at CyberSource, they had this to say: “While UK merchants saw a slight uptick in fraud rates, online merchants in the … Continue reading

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