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The Content Marketing Theorem

I recently participated in a webinar that focused on best practices in Content Marketing. The whirlwind of suggestions and formulas postulated, debated and tweeted was enough to bring on a marketing migraine. Ugh…got to…simplify. I am a HUGE FAN of … Continue reading

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eCommerce Equations: Site Visitor to Conversion Ratio

People ask me all the time, “How much traffic do I need to get “x” conversions per day?“. Unfortunately, the answer is never what people want to hear.  Most people love to latch onto a stat that suits their expectation … Continue reading

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7 Must-Do Demand Generation Tactics

Successful Demand Generation requires a healthy (and consistent) blend of tactics that engage resources that bridge between the offline and online world. In this short and sweet piece – I lay out 7 simple yet indispensable demand generation tactics.  Most of … Continue reading

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