The Content Marketing Theorem

I recently participated in a webinar that focused on best practices in Content Marketing. The whirlwind of suggestions and formulas postulated, debated and tweeted was enough to bring on a marketing migraine. Ugh…got to…simplify.

content marketing theorem

I am a HUGE FAN of mathematics – finding beauty in its simplicity. In mathematics, a theorem is a statement that has been proven on the basis of previously established statements, such as other theorems—and generally accepted statements. Based upon years of business intelligence, rigorous evaluation and thoughtful input from several highly credible content marketing gurus, I think I have boiled the 90-minute webinar into a single embraceable and practical formula:

eCommAdvisor’s Content Marketing Theorem

(Useful x Authentic) + (Enjoyable x Inspired) = INNOVATIVE CONTENT

Now, PLEASE don’t misinterpret my use of math to equate to RIGIDITY!  Quite the contrary… Creativity cannot be put into a box.  However, as you set your inner-artist free, and develop content for your audience, simply check your creativity back into the theorem. Is is Useful? Is it Authentic? Does it add a factor of Enjoy-ability? Is it Inspired or Does it effectively Inspire?  If you can answer YES to these factors, then you can feel confident that you are doing a service to your readers and followers.

Congratulations – You are producing INNOVATIVE CONTENT!

content marketing wheel

Want more thought provoking info on Content Marketing? Check out my prior blog post called The B.E.S.T. Approach to Content Marketing. Cheers!

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E-commerce enthusiast, evangelist, speaker and consulting leader. Founder of several successful e-retail businesses including - #1 footwear retailer in the world on eBay and Amazon. Now a full-time consultant, helping small to mid-sized businesses worldwide achieve their multichannel sales and marketing goals.
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2 Responses to The Content Marketing Theorem

  1. James Lee says:

    You can develop useful and authentic content. But, developing a content that is enjoyable and inspiring is a challenge. It would be good to formulate what makes the content enjoyable and inspiring.

    • ecommadvisor says:

      Thanks James! Yes – ‘enjoyable and inspiring’ is what makes the content remarkable. Sounds like a good topic to address on its own…another entry in the Secret Sauce series will be forthcoming 🙂

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