Business Travelers Rejoice! Electronic Devices ON

According to MarketWatch and PRNewsWire, On Oct 31, JetBlue Airways JBLU  announced that it has “begun the process with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to become the first airline to allow customers to use personal electronic devices during all phases of flight.” Say What?? OMG!


The FAA endorsed the findings of a cross-industry panel of experts that recommended a certification path for airlines that maintains safety.  Several other airlines are quickly following suit – but since I fly JetBlue so often, I could help but share my JOY!

For those of you that travel a ton for business (or pleasure), you know what a hassle it has been to always have to power down before take-off.  Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments…

You’re totally locked into a task while waiting for everyone to finish boarding, when suddenly you get the tap on the shoulder…  Startled, you look up and get “the look” from your lovely flight attendant. And as if announcing it so the whole world is focused on you, she says, “sir…we can’t pull away from the gate until you power down your electronics”, (followed by a look of exasperation, as if you just killed her cat).


Every one of my clients hears me talk about OPTIMIZING PRODUCTIVITY as part of the road-map to success.  Productivity can be particularly challenging when hitting the road – cars, buses, airplanes, taxis… but it is imperative that you plan to execute your goals and plans for each day even when traveling.

Now, I am not saying that “Un-Plugging” is bad. In fact, it is healthy to plan your dis-connect time – and travel can sometimes be that ‘excuse’ you need to get that mental-health space.  I guess what I’m saying is that (especially during business travel) you need to be more vigilant about planning your productivity. Momentum plays a big part in reaching goals.


My closing point here is simple – I want to publicly say:


And you can bet I am going to be checking in on #JetBlueSoFly to contribute to the social chatter about this great news!

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