7 Must-Do Demand Generation Tactics

Successful Demand Generation requires a healthy (and consistent) blend of tactics that engage resources that bridge between the offline and online world. In this short and sweet piece – I lay out 7 simple yet indispensable demand generation tactics.  Most of this seems obvious, but I can’t express enough the importance of doing ALL of these things.

If you read my post called The Secret Sauce – SEO Waterfall – you may remember that I elude to a hierarchy of sorts when it comes to SEO tactics.  One of the most important things I call out is that in order to REALLY accomplish your SEO goals, is the requirement of leaving no stone un-turned.  In the same way, with regard to demand gen – it is critical to attack every one of these with consistency (and creativity):

  1. Content is STILL KING – UX Optimization of Website Home and Landing Pages
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Engine Marketing – PPC
  4. Social Media / Social Search Marketing
  5. Interactive Content – Video, Webinars, RSS, SMS, Apps
  6. Email / Drip Marketing
  7. PR & Event Marketing

Over the next several weeks, I will publish individual posts to dive in a little deeper  – elaborating on Best Practices of each tactical effort.  Start to consider: Are you engaged in each of these of a consistent basis? In not, understand that you may well be undermining your own efforts.  Prepare to explore and engage!

About ecommadvisor

E-commerce enthusiast, evangelist, speaker and consulting leader. Founder of several successful e-retail businesses including grapevinehill.com - #1 footwear retailer in the world on eBay and Amazon. Now a full-time consultant, helping small to mid-sized businesses worldwide achieve their multichannel sales and marketing goals.
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