The BEST Approach to Content Marketing

As I enter each new client engagement, I am met with a common theme when it comes to managing the ever growing cloud of marketing initiatives – and if you are reading this post, you probably can relate…

Content-Marketing-Cloud-1024x576Marketing is all too often “project-based” – and by nature falls into the category of “copy-cat” – completely unimaginative, lacking in both art and science.  And when time is not on your side, you find the poor soul of your staff that happens to be the most creative and commission him/her to:

  • create a sell-sheet for an upcoming networking event
  • create a brochure for a specialty product launch
  • start bloggingPortrait of an exhausted businessman covering his head with his laptop

Sound familiar??  You are not alone. Being short on TIME and short on RESOURCES is not uncommon.  BUT it does not mean you can’t produce something meaningful – even POWERFUL and RELEVANT to your audience of clients.

You have no doubt heard the old classic K.I.S.S. – “Keep It Simple”.  If you are jumping into the arena of content marketing, there’s another one you ought to know…

B.E.S.T. – an acronym most often attributed to Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute:


If you would, allow me to split and re-package this wonderful acronym into TWO buckets for purposes of driving home a point about FOCUS.

1.  First we need to recognize that (Behavioral) and (Strategic) are keyed on OUR objectives & goals – what do we want to say, who do we want to say it to, and does it stay in synch with our brand messaging?

This is really important, but I have to be honest…I find that most businesses, especially when pressed for time or resources, will opt for “throwing spaghetti”, thus limiting their considerations and focus to the (B) and the (S) only.  You Know This is YOU…  so Listen Up…

STOP Focusing Exclusively on the B-S!

2.  (E) Essential and (T) Targeted.  Combined, they are “E.T.” – and together will make your message Out of this World. Get it??  Seriously though – these components need to be at the heart of your content marketing thought-sphere.  Let’s face it…Your efforts almost always start with the internal objectives – but I am begging you – PLEASE don’t stop there. As a society, our subconscious ability to detect the “B.S.” is becoming more and more keenly developed. And we reflexively swat away the BS when our internal consumer alarms start buzzing.  As consumers we are attracted, therefore, to messages that we perceive are focused on immediately meeting our needs. So…What does this mean?

START and END with Focus on Your Customers’ Needs

Yes – your corporate objectives are equally important.  You must focus on those to maintain the essence of who you are and what you have to offer.  The moral of the story…

Be at your BEST by focusing more on the ET, and less on the BS 🙂


By the way, If you are interested in learning more about building brand fans through good content marketing – I would recommend a book by Joe Pulizzi (no, this is not an affiliate pitch).

It is called “Managing Content Marketing“, co-written with Robert Rose.

Of course, if you want to chat about Content Marketing or anything related to e-Strategy or Customer Success – I welcome your call or email.  Thanks!

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