Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses!?!

One key to success is “Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses”. The idea being to focus on what you do best and find strategic partners or hired help that excel in the areas of your weaknesses. I can tell you from seeing it and LIVING it – this is pure wisdom at work.

I am focused on this at the moment, because I am about to do what we ALL still do…ignore my own advice! When it comes to mountain biking – I LOVE the sport – but I am usually good for 5-10 miles…TOPS…before my old body starts cursing me. So what am I preparing to do this beautiful sunny morning up in the Adirondacks??

I am heading out on a grueling 28.5 mile route 🙂

I will have no cell service to call in the rescue team – but I will have experienced riding mates to “coach”me through the pain!

The Lesson: If you KNOW your going to do something stupid – make sure someone is there to document it for future RIDICULE!!

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E-commerce enthusiast, evangelist, speaker and consulting leader. Founder of several successful e-retail businesses including - #1 footwear retailer in the world on eBay and Amazon. Now a full-time consultant, helping small to mid-sized businesses worldwide achieve their multichannel sales and marketing goals.
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1 Response to Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses!?!

  1. ecommadvisor says:

    I conquered the GIANT – and I actually feel good 🙂

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