Kool Moe Dee makes “Old School” Hip-Hop feel “Fresh”

How many of you are old enough to say you grew up in the 80’s…even 70’s??  Do you remember the original Rap and Hip-Hop artists that were cutting their teeth and creating a whole new genre of music?  I have to admit – back in middle school and high school days – I LOVED this stuff.  Here I was…an average white suburban kid who dreamed of being a rapper…wait, that was Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem)…

But seriously – my boys in Ubel-tundi put together some pretty fresh rhymes with inspirations coming from the Boogie Boys, UTFO, Sugarhill Gang and yes…Kool Moe Dee.  Naturally, I was surprised and intrigued when I heard that #NoreenA @ChannelAdvisor was bringing the Kool man himself in for a private concert during the Catalyst 2011 Conference. So I’m thinking to myself…ok…I remember liking his stuff – but he is OLD (like me) and the last rap show I went to was just LOUD and kinda sucked.  How *good* could it be??

I’m just going to blurt this out…Kool Moe Dee has STILL GOT IT.  This was one of the best shows I have seen in a while.  Very entertaining, great sound quality and FUN.  So – first of all – THANK YOU to Channel Advisor for a very cool venue and event.  What probably put the icing on the cake was getting photos and video with Scot Wingo on stage doing the whole hip-hop gig (shades and all).  Also – I would be remiss if I didn’t give mad props to John “Big Dawg” Lawson (aka @ColderICE) who ripped up a sweet rendition of Rapper’s Delight…and I have video to prove it!!

Did anyone see the “dancers”??  holy &#@*& batman…never thought I’d see THAT at a CA event…but it was all good in the hood…fit the motif, I guess 🙂  The event was rounded out very nicely with an endless supply of libations, TONS of food from a variety of “Food Trucks” (including my favorite…the “Meatloaf Grilled Cheese”, oh…and the “Fried Duck Fat” too!).  I mean…c’mon…how often do you get a chance to discuss Bing search strategy over a buffalo chicken slider with Scot?! Which reminds me – The signature drink of the night was the “Kool Moe Wingo”.  Though disappointed that it didn’t come with an R2D2 drink stirrer..the CA branded light-stick stirrer DID resemble a light sabre!  Good friends, good dancing (reminiscent of J2 bachelorette bash in Vegas!), good drinks…and of course Matt K from StreetModa.com in his “wingo is my homeboy” t-shirt….priceless.  Thank again to the CA events team (noreen, candace, amy, kathy – and the rest of the “fly-girl” crew) for an awesome night!  Goodnight, Durham 🙂

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